Welcome to the world of Group2i.

We holistically develop and apply state of the art technologies to a range of applications including: Energy-Water Nexus, Modulus Residential and Thermal Energy on Demand. For a range of sustainable products please visit our online store.

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Modulus Residential

Modulus enables a sustainable lifestyle in a smart, luxurious home that is connected to nature and supported by state of the art technology. The Modulus product is bought to you by Bonheur Holdings.

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Energy Water Nexus

Infratech enables renewable power and water solutions that can provide power for water and water for power.


Chemical Looping Energy on Demand (CLEOD)

Infratech enables a new generation of chemical free, energy on demand solutions that can generate both power and oxygen through a chemical looping process.


Sustainable Lifestyle

Our online shop allows you to access products and solutions from our sustainable suppliers that are involved in our developments.

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