The ‘Energy-on-Demand’ system overcomes the predictability and environmental issues that currently plague existing renewable energy and storage solutions.

The Infratech™CLES (Chemical Looping Energy on Demand System) is a game-changing technology that puts the production, distribution and management of power, oxygen and hydrogen into the hands of the consumer. Offering a solution to Australia’s ‘energy crisis’ – the technology creates an entirely new category that allows for integrated power generation, oxygen generation (health and wellness), water heating, heating and cooling ventilation, and hydrogen. This poly-generation process capable of simultaneous production of heat, power, oxygen, hot water and chilled water for air-conditioning boosts an efficiency in excess of 90 percent.”

The impetus on energy storage systems, such as batteries, needs to be supplemented with impetus on the ability to generate energy when required, thereby creating “Energy on Demand”. This accompanied by other revenue generators such as oxygen, would be welcomed with open arms by commercial, retail and residential customers alike.

The Infratech™CLES system is scalable and can service larger customers such as hospitals, commercial complexes such as shopping centers, to smaller installations like residential and medical therapy customers where numerous types of respiratory diseases are treated with oxygen due to its beneficial palliative and supplementary role. It also creates a hydrogen network for fuel cell cars in the future.

The operating reference plant can produce energy for 30 homes (an average Australian home consumes 18KWh per day) along with oxygen, hot water, heating, cooling and hydrogen for these homes. By 2018, a scaled Infratech™CLES system will be available to every Australian home owner.

The Infratech™CLES solution is unique in that it generates a multitude of benefits, has no negative impact on the environment, and it also improves the well-bring and lifestyle of those who use it. The Infratech™CLES process runs on natural gas for temperature balancing, which is the most reliable utility in many parts of the world, releasing only a third of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of fossil fuels and no intermittency compared with renewable energy sources.

The Infratech™CLES system can be used for around the clock operation. In this mode, the system needs external heat to maintain reactions within the particle mixture. The heat can be supplied by either natural gas, electricity from renewable energy sources, by the system itself or in any combination. The Infratech™CLES system can also be run for pre-defined hours at a time, for example, in peak periods. It can be programmed to produce only power and oxygen, or a combination of both along with heating, cooling, hot water and hydrogen.

The application of this technology can meet the needs of both developed and developing economies. It’s a step-change in technology from what is currently available.

The future of the planet’s viability depends on the usage of sustainable technologies such as the Infratech™CLES.

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