It is essential that we tap into sustainable water supplies to keep the planet healthy. Infratech offers turnkey solutions for water recycling, water treatment and water storage. Safe drinking water is essential to all humans and all other life forms. We see water as the fundamental building block that society is built upon. The supply of freshwater is a valuable resource and we need to conserve supply to ensure continued thriving societies.


Infratech Industries water recycling involves delivery of both potable and non-potable water supply after being treated. By managing waste streams it is possible to recycle valuable water. Industrial Wastewater can be treated along with polluted water including toxic and chemical waste. Regeneration of eutrophic basins can be achieved using Infratech Integrated Floating Solar and Continuous Laminar Flow System.

Algae: Invasive Species

Infratech Industries are able to treat most types of bio fungal, algae or blue green algae bloom in a three-phase approach.

Inhibiting photosynthesis

  • Stifling the growth of algae aided by the coverage of a floating solar plant on the water body
  • Generating power to feed the compact water treatment plant

Treating and Cleaning

  • Remove the organic matter through our Water Treatment Technology

Stop Pollutants from entering the water

  • Stopping pollutants from entering the water stream
  • Treating at source nitrates and phosphorus and other pollutants by extracting them from the water source

The Water Treatment and Purification Technologies are powered by our floating solar systems. Systems can be readily coupled together on pontoons and can be removed at any time once remediation is complete

Water Technology: Phosphorous Reduction

Infratech offers a solution through an integrated packaged unit that can be connected at the end of an existing waste water treatment plant operation and thereby does not disrupt the operations of existing plants. The Infratech solution for reduction of phosphorous and nutrient extraction can be readily tested in situ with inflow and outflow monitoring and readily incorporated into existing processes


Infratech Industries operates in the field of Waste Management and integrates RDF processing systems with Waste to Energy Systems. The technologies within Infratech Industries, either owned or licensed ensures emissions and performance under EU and EPA guidelines.


Waste is a valuable resource that can be used to create synthetic fuels and empower regional development. Electricity can also be generated in the process by adding turbines and exothermically capturing heat and energy.


Processing waste minimizes impacts to the environment. Infratech waste to energy and advanced processing ensures that all waste is processed with little or no residue and can meet emission targets. Infratech advanced processing technology creates feedstock’s that can be utilized in waste to energy plants through a gasification process of degradation in high temperature pressurized and oxygen starved environments. Bi products are heat and steam as well as gas, which is combusted to run a turbine for power generation.

Processing waste saves on taking waste to landfills and is a carbon neutral process emulating what takes nature thousands of years to produce alternative state materials utilizing the carbon content of waste. The systems can process virtually any carbonaceous feedstock without the requirement of special handling


Energy Modularization – Bioclimatic Responsive Housing
This encompasses development of a new generation of systems that can dramatically change a building’s performance by utilizing bioclimatic effects on site that can be captured and transformed on the scale of an individual building. Central to the system success is the development of an on-site energy center and energy control for automated environmental regulation. Residential building systems will need to become more sustainable to conserve building resources and mitigate the impact on state and federal government funded infrastructure to meet the demands of growing populations in cities well into the future.


Infratech have developed:

  • Techniques and technologies to create sustainable building enclosures.
  • Methods to efficiently capture and transform energy.
  • Control systems to regulate environments in changing environmental conditions.
  • Modular building material components that are smart systems with data logging and sensors.

Central to Infratech’s system development is modulation of form, surface geometry and type of building material including the use of natural and active ventilation and heating/cooling systems, to maintain consistent interior temperatures, reduce glare and maintain comfortable environmental conditions. Infratech building systems for housing reduce overall energy consumption and water consumption and draw where possible a zero energy from the mains supply

Thermal control using Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
Automated systems for environmental regulation include the use of solar collectors to pass heat to a heat bank of PCMs within Infratech building system. The heat is passed to the heat bank via a vector and contained within the building fabric). The heat from the heat bank is then liberated when it is required to heat the building and reversed when cooling is required. Infratech has developed;

  • Current knowledge in the use of PCMs.
  • Implementation of PCM’s in ‘Energy Modularization for Prefabrication’
  • Full energy auditing to assess energy exchange rates and efficiencies
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