We are committed to addressing a sustainable framework in projects encompassing environmental, economic and social aspects. All projects are delivered with asustainability plan and implemented with a top down decision making process meeting in excess of LEEDS platinum rating with our own customized rating system covering key aspects to a sustainable model for infrastructure. Traditionally, infrastructure projects have fallen short in a sustainable rating system due to the complexities and the need for delivering upfront solutions

Sustainable Development

Infratech Industries has a humanitarian platform. All our projects have community programs with part of profits re-invested back into job creation and establishing “green industries”. We seek to accelerate efforts and create efficiencies that support the distribution, integration, and adaptation of sustainable infrastructure throughout our global community. We develop businesses, technologies, and protocols that promote the evolution of renewable energy, waste processing, and water management systems. We are committed to education, training and knowledge sharing. Infratech Industries is able to institute open learning programs and community education programs as well as train engineers | key workers for projects.

  • Reinvestment in local communities
  • Education and Training
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Environmental conservation
  • Carbon Emission reductions
  • Job Creation
  • Resource conservation
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